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Amar’e injures hand, expresses existential grief; Nation laughs.

May 2, 2012

As Amar’e Stoudemire, a human being who plays professional basketball, sat alone in his Manhattan high rise apartment looking over the sleeping city, silently weeping as he cradled his maimed hand, the nation collectively laughed at his pain and struggle. He stared glassy eyed out the window, contemplating the year behind him, a year in which he saw his ability to earn a living in his chosen profession threatened by serious knee, back, and eye injuries, his role in the workplace become unclear due to mismanagement by executives, and the unexpected death of his brother in horrific car accident. He reflected on the years of unseen hard work and sacrifice he had endured, the unyielding and unrelenting insecurity he felt about his own ability, and the tireless demands placed on his energies. He looked within his soul at the deep anger he felt towards his body for betraying him prematurely and Yaweh for creating a world full of such trial and pain. He looked down at his hand, his hand that represented so much of his self-worth, not to mention his financial earning power. He looked at the scar caused by the fire extinguisher that he had struck in profound anger as he felt the sting of yet another high profile public failure at a time of such doubt and unease. He cried a single tear and attempted to sleep, to regenerate his aching body for yet another punishing endurance contest that would once again guarantee public failure. Meanwhile, the nation enjoyed a hearty chortle at his foibles and went back to handicapping Grizzlies-Clippers.

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